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Founded in Weihai, Shandong China in 2011, the JWMS Industrial Park is designed with the international first-class standard. With the clean production workshops with the manufacturing capacity of over 10,000 sets in a total floorage of 30,000㎡, it is the largest and most advanced production base for interventional and ICU medical devices in Asia. JWMS possesses the quality system of international standard and complete creative production system. All the raw materials, tested one by one and confirmed as qualified before being used in production lines, are stored within the environment under strict control. Each product is inspected through multiple strict procedures and has the serial number with the picture index. With the completion of JWMS Industrial Park construction, its productivity has been doubled, helping it become an important base of manufacturing and R&D for medical devices in China.


Solar power supply, green and environment-friendly;

Ultra-large and clean console of international standard;

Garden-type plant and R&D center.

Relying on technological advance for innovation consistently, JWMS continues to develop more and better high-tech products with completely independent property, making outstanding contributions to the Chinese medical and healthcare so that more and more people can enjoy the healthy life by the global first-class products. Upon its completion, JWMS Industrial Park will promote the production level of Chinese high-end medical devices, drive the progress of the whole Chinese medical device industry and make new contributions for building the national brand and harmonious society.