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JWMS Cardiac Intervention Club

A non-commercial independent academic brand

• Reliance on advantages of innovative technologies supported by JWMS

• A PCI interventional academic service institution

• Striving to promote the development of China PCI industry and cultivating new generation of Chinese doctors

The first Chinese academic brand in China PCI Industry

• Understand China, market base in China and look forward to the future

• Grow together with intervention cardiology doctors

A unique academic institution

• Mainly face-to-face discussion, instead of lecturing only

• More attractive with membership

• A stage for young scholars


1. Regulate, promote and develop the technical operating skill of young PCI doctors

2. Provide a platform and media to present their latest research

3. Promote the academic discussion on hot topics between doctors

4. Showcase the personal presence and academic image of young PCI doctors


Rigorous, Professional, Sharing, Harvesting, Growing


1. Tailored content

2. Rigid selection of topics

3. Chances to participate training programs at national key hospitals

4. Relaxed and interesting interactive mechanism

5. Distribution of free exquisite learning materials and books

6. Diversified club activities


Membership for interventional cardiologist

As a member

You can receive various surprises:

Souvenirs of JCIC

Latest information of evidence-based medicine and industry news

Chances for free exquisite learning materials and books

Chances for participating in the training programs at national key hospitals

More pleasant surprises for you!

The club is our family, come and join us!  

How to become a member?

Simple and fast!

No matter where you are, just

 Make a phone call: reach out your local JWMS representatives, provide your information to complete the registration with information.

Use your hand: reach out JWMS representatives for an application form and complete it right away.