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JWMS attributes innovation, reliability, professionalism and development to its core competitiveness. We consider innovation of extreme importance because we would not have been successful currently without innovative investment on R&D and cutting-edge technologies in China and around the world. In addition to the pursuit for innovation, we strive to provide patients with the most professional and reliable products in the area of interventional treatment as well as pursue every market opportunity for sustainable development so that our strategic partners, interventional experts, healthcare professionals, government and all others concerned will familiarize themselves with JWMS with the awareness of the fact that JWMS is a brand and a corporation deserving their long-term trust.


Our technical innovation brings you with genuine difference. The biodegradable polymer technology, one of the cutting-edge technologies in the world, can be degraded into CO2 & H2O during the drug releasing, which is more environment-friendly and much safer without any negative impact to the human body. The biodegradable polymer DES resolves the existing problems of regular DES, providing a solution that demonstrates both high safety and effectiveness. JWMS owns the IP of EXCEL Stent, which is also the first biodegradable polymer DES in the Chinese market. Hence, we are leading the interventional market by technical innovation.

Our innovative manufacturing brings you with exquisite difference. JWMS has the systems of international quality control and innovative production. In addition, the Company also possesses the clean manufacturing facility built at the capacity of 10,000 sets in accordance with the international standard. JWMS has been granted with the certificates of TUV, ISO9001 and ISO13485 authentication. Materials used for production are all strictly tested for qualification before being put on the production line, resulting in that every single product, which has to pass multiple testing procedures, has its own electronic tracking number……All these have formed the unique production management system of JWMS.

Our innovation on marketing brings you with unique services. With the advanced electronic information system, JWMS is capable of providing the total e-service relating to products particularly in terms of order, delivery, return and feedback. Our sales and marketing teams are working with hundreds of medical institutions engaged interventional diagnosis and therapy on daily basis. Meanwhile, we are providing the highest-quality customized services to hundreds and thousands of patients and doctors.

Trust & Reliability

We have a professional team of clinical study with rich experiences in the area of interventional treatment, amongst which each clinical study is designed in accordance with international standards. A number of renowned experts have also recognized us due to our rigorous procedures and attitude. Every single product in our marketing process is associated with multiple well designed clinical studies. The latest clinical data and results published or to be issued on CIT, PCR, ESC &TCT are most encouraging. These solid evidence-based clinical data all demonstrated the safety, reliability and efficacy of EXCEL drug-eluting Stent based upon the genuine and objective viewpoint.

We also have a highly-integrated and full-functional team, every people of which is passionate and sincere in dealing with interventional professionals with commercial partners and every patient's using JWMS product. Every people is proud of our products and services. All solutions and policies provided by JWMS, showcasing reliability and credit, long-term advancement and winning your complete trust in all circumstances, focus on improving interventional technology, helping clinical doctors achieve better diagnosis and treatment, better health of patients, establishing long-term and stable commercial partnership and employees' long-term career development.

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