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Social Responsibility

JWMS not only provides a large number of job opportunities for the society, but also cultivates more social core forces with experience in production, management and marketing. JWMS plans for the career paths of every employees, offering diversified training, and establishing the long-term partnership with local universities to provide employees with a variety of college and university courses and helping them enhance their competency and fulfill their career dreams.

JWMS is a company not only producing medical devices, but also actively undertaking the social responsibilities to take care of families of employees in difficulty, providing help to the patients in need of treatment and curing in the poverty-stricken areas and assistance to the areas suffering any severe natural disaster.

JWMS is a company not only manufacturing medical devices, but also actively advocating for health, low carbon and environment protection. We actively focusing on cardiac care and create healthy and wonderful life, save paper and power by using solar energy on a large scale and develop and produce more environment-friendly products. JWMS persists in striding forward on the road of innovation and environment protection.